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From Our Founders

It started in 2006 with an idea born out of curiosity. Two friends, & their friend. They discovered that dogs love Churpi; the traditional Nepalese chew made for people of the Himalayas. They spent 4 years re-engineering the traditional ancient recipe by removing the lactose and fat content; creating a healthy, savory long-lasting chew for dogs now known as Dog Chew. 

From the humble beginnings at a small local pet fair in Boston, WA to the award-winning company we are today, we’ve led the pet industry in an innovative new direction with our original hard cheese chews; creating a new category within pet industry – a category our loyal customers love. We pass on our gratitude for those loyal customers through our Loyalty Program where every purchase is rewarded.

Glacier Dog Chew Supply has always believed in giving back to the community, especially farmers, who the company trusts are the heart of the global community. The company started in Nepal with small family farms Community and today partners with farmers around the Nepal , producing 124 million pounds of milk per year. Now, Glacier Dog Chew is certified for quality by SQF, APHIS, AIB and WFTO.


We believe corporate social responsibility starts here, with us. Glacier Dog Chew has not only helped in serving their canine friends with ethically sourced and innovative dog chews but has improved the lives of farmers, women, and children around the Nation. The brand has a desire for human progression and economic growth, therefore donates some of their profit to the Community. Glacier Dog Chew works to empower the disadvantaged women of Nepal by teaching them skills to become self-supporting and independent. Glacier Dog Chew  has also partnered with different Foundation in Nepal where we’re donate one textbook for every pound of cheese sold which has led to them building Several  libraries across the nation