Mount Glacier dog chews were born out of a desire by Prakash Adhikari and his good friend Thakur Devekota to bring a highly popular local Nepali hard cheese dog chew to the United States. With their partners in Nepal, they developed a process for manufacturing these dog chews using local Churpi, a traditional and nutritional hard cheese made from the milk of yaks and cows grazing in the pastures of the Himalayan Mountain.

  We focus on producing a high-quality product using 100% natural ingredients.We do this by partnering with local farmers in Nepal who live in the Himalayan Mountains and who use only fresh and pure milk. When buying Mount Glacier dog chews you are also supporting the farmers in Nepal and their communities.

   Our mission is to create high-quality nutritious products for our canine companions, support our customers, partners, communities, rescue leagues and shelter. We know that your dog will enjoy every bite of our chews. Thank you for choosing Mount Glacier dog chews.